Srikanta (Bengali Edition) [Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 15 Oct Srikanta by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay is the first novel by the noted Bengali novelist, that I have read, and is a part of The Saratchandra.

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His family was occasionally supported by other family members and Sarat Chandra’s lack of financial stability would influence his writing in years to come.

Iti Srikanta – Wikipedia

Candra 05, Sid rated it it was amazing. An ordinary srikanta by sarat chandra chattopadhyay of wanderings, of emotional frictions, of pre-independent India’s rural Bengal life and society, of questions on the face of illogical social norms, of sufferings of ordinary people, of love and romance of ordinary people This work is in the public domain in the United States xrikanta it was published before January 1, This was in the year Follow me on View anupama.

From my father I inherited nothing except, as I believe, his restless spirit and his keen interest in literature. Jul 06, Uttam Kumar Basak added it.

Srikanta (Part 1)

This easily cracks the Top 10 Bengali Literature list. It was an interesting book and it gave me a lot of knowledge about the Indian culture, which is an umbrella term for the spectrum of cultures prese Srikanta is about an aimless wanderer.


Feb 05, Dr. This poverty abounds in my writings. Srikanta is about an aimless wanderer.

Lafifa Jamal rated it liked it Dec 25, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sarat Chandra was born into poverty in Debanandapur, Hooghly, India. Poster of Devdas Movie. chaandra

Refresh and try again. Iti Srikanta DVD cover of the film. The story of Sabyasachi, the charismatic leader of the military srikanta by sarat chandra chattopadhyay, Pather Dabi, and the powerful woman characters around him – their inter-relationship, agony and ecstasy stirred public imagination.

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay also spelt Saratchandra Bengali: The one sharp division between them, a breach happily healed by the generosity of both men, came from saeat different attitude towards Hindu society and religion. He also mentions that how in India society treats its women seprately from the men.

I could not give continuous reading time to this book and kept loosing the grip srikanta by sarat chandra chattopadhyay the characters. It deals in saray with the corruption that infects the village, and Ramesh’s efforts to remove it.

Leena rated it liked it Jul 07, Sarat Chandra’s biography is srikanta by sarat chandra chattopadhyay in Hindi, written by a well-known author, Vishnu Prabhakar. As a child, he idealizes the chaste Annada Didiā€”the epitom Translated for the first time into English, Saratchandra’s Srikanta was first published over seventy years ago and could perhaps be called the first modern Indian novel In short, if you are curious about Sarat Da, the man, do begin with this srikanta by sarat chandra chattopadhyay.


Abhaya abandons her husband and accepts Rohini as her lover. Though Pyari aka Srikanfa nurses him well, as soon as he recovers, he abandons her and sails to Burma. Through his dynamic and arresting characters, Saratchandra brings alive nineteenth-century Bengal, a prejudice-ridden society that needed to be radically changed. This book tells us about the Hindu religion and how people are judged by their caste. Would surely pick it up again after some years when I feel mature enough to handle this.

He died in Kolkata of liver cancer in May swrat, Redwan Orittro rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am sure this would have been srikanta by sarat chandra chattopadhyay 4. Second he meets Pyari at the prince’s tent in the wilderness and she reminds him of there childhood. Bankim was propagandist as well as novelist, and his work was often a reconstruction of earlier days in his country, as his imagination pictured them.