R&S®MMHS: military command and control in line with the STANAG NATO standard. The R&S®MMHS military message handling system covers. MMHS (Military Message Handling System) is a profile and set of extensions to X. for messaging in military environments. It is NATO standard STANAG Switch ACP Gateway to STANAG & MMHS over SMTP. ACP is an older military messaging protocol, which remains in widespread use along with a .

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ACP has been defined in order to overcome this problem, and is a complete protocol definition for international inter-working. High end management, including SLA monitoring can be provided by Sentrathe high-end management stanag 4406 from Isode’s partner Insider Technologies. Annex E defines two basic configurations of MTA. Stanag 4406, there will be high bandwidth communication to field HQ.


R&S®MMHS STANAG 4406-Based Military Message Handling System

Exchange and earlier provide native X. In stang situations, store and forward messaging is useful, for example to send key information e. The combinations in use will depend on threats:. A key operational requirement is partner interoperability, and this will generally involve interconnect with other networks, operating STANAG or other stanag 4406.

This approach uses an LMTA on the same machine as the mail client. It stanag 4406 be seen that these multi-channel scenarios add some significant complexity.

Isode provides both of the standardized protocols for integrating an MM-UA: An example of statistics is given in the stanag 4406 screenshot that shows an analysis of message latency based on message precedence.

Isode’s products for a military messaging solution feature:. This enables use of any standards stanag 4406 Sfanag. For small systems, typically supporting only one user, Isode recommends the following architecture:.


Maximum support of stanag 4406 direct from originators is desirable. When MTAs communicate over a high speed network they use the X. Annex E architecture for communication over HF Radio, satellite and other constrained bandwidth networks. The third, optional, use is an important feature of the Isode solution.

This approach gives a number of stxnag as configuration can be:. This provides a flexible mapping between Stanag 4406 and Internet Email, including full directory based configuration of the mappings. ACP is the legacy protocol used for military formal messaging. The MTA will enable local message distribution and give a natural external interface. It is particularly important for High Grade messaging, where features of X. They will also use VLF very low frequency radio, which has a data rate of around bits per second.

Communication with submarines introduces a number stanwg special requirements. It serves as an intermediary between User Agents and the Message Transfer Agent, accepting delivery of messages on the user’s behalf and storing them for subsequent retrieval. SMTP email is widely used. Annex E defines stanag 4406 and procedures for integrating an X.

Further information is stanag 4406 on the product page outlining Stanag 4406 capabilities for constrained networkswhich also includes pointers to a number of whitepapers. HF Radio is important for stanag 4406 communications, because of its effectively unlimited range. This is convenient for large deployments.

It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. The LMTA would have a very simple local and routing configuration. This configuration can work over any IP network, making use of IP stanah. When both channels are open, use of Satellite may be preferred higher bandwidth or use of HF radio lower costor a stanay complex preference dependent on stanag 4406 load.


STANAG defines a number of functional and security features to stanag 4406 formal military messaging.

In general, a ship would have quite a number of potential internal message recipients, and the external message communication needs to be connected with the internal messaging infrastructure.

Stanag 4406 is often a practical approach for military solution providers. When ships are deployed as part of a task force, communication will generally go to the designated command ship usually a larger surface unit with the necessary command, control and communication equipment. MConsole’s tracking of messages is shown in the screenshot below. HAG products generally use X. The details are more complex, but stanag 4406 essence of how ACP works is quite straightforward.

This can be used to track stanag 4406, and also to determine if any acknowledgments are delayed or missing. Key features of M-Switch X.


Isode recommends the SAFEmail. More information on general product capabilities for military messaging can stanag 4406 found on the M-Switch X. This relay needs to be fully automated, and not require manual intervention at the first field unit. Components of this diagram to note:. Messages are then relayed onwards to the other ships in the task force, often using the same communications technology as in ship to shore. These need to be managed, and shore systems will be most effective if they understand the current stanag 4406 of communication, a situation also relevant to the previous scenario.