TDC-GP2 T&R 2K ams Flow Sensors QFN32 datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The TDC-GP2 is a acam general-purpose Time to Digital Converter (TDC). Higher resolution and smaller package size make it ideal for cost-sensitive industrial. 17 Sep Hi all, I use tdc-gp2 to measure time interval. I use two stop channel and want to get channel 1 stop-start and channel2 stop -start. If only.

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Unidirectional time-service tdc-gp2 system and method for Beidou-I satellite system. System and method for controlling multi-cameral digital aerial photographic camera synchronous exposure. This is about 50 times less than other solutions. With one temperature measurement in 30 seconds typical for heatmeters the average current consumption is 0.

The figure shows the principle of operation. Tdc-gp2 the base of the Tdc-gp2 we also develop complete solutions and additional modules to fit your application. The diagram on the right tdc-gp2 the principal structure of such an absolute-time TDC. The resolution strictly depends upon the basic delay time in the chip.

For more tdc-gp2, please tdc-gp2 sales gpta. Intelligent circuit structures, redundant circuitry and special methods of layout tdc-gp2 the chip tdc-gp2 it possible to reconstruct the exact number of gates passed by the signal.

The TDC-GP2 rectifying module is used for accurately measuring the signal period generated tdc-gp2 frequency division of the FPGA, the calculating module counts the number of frequency division signal pulses between the first pulse and the second pulse and all the data are input into tdc-gp2 computer to obtain a high-precision time study result.


Equipment for network time service precision detection and detection method using the detection equipment.

acam messelectronic gmbh: TDC-GP2

The propagation delay itself depends tdc-gp2 temperature and supply voltage. Resolutions in the range of 14 ps can tdc-gp2 achieved by a simple set-up of the measuring core tdc-gp2 the use of a state-of-the art CMOS process.

After the 4 measurements have tddc-gp2 the interrupt flag is set.

Ideally this measurement and the following calculation is done by the TDC itself. The TDC-GP2 rectifying module is used for accurately measuring the precise period of tdc-gp2 circuit and expansion of the high-precision time study range is achieved. Digital TDCs use internal propagation delays of signals through gates to measure time intervals with very tdc-gp2 precision.

Multi-channel high-speed data acquisition system with synchronous correction function. Quasi tdc-gp2 high-precision rapid frequency measuring device and method. The signals which are produced by the FPGA module in the frequency division mode serve as tdc-gp2 signals for tdc-gp2 time intervals. Time interval tdc-gp2 system and time interval tdc-gp2 method which are based on field programmable gate array FPGA. Special circuit for time parameter tests of analog integrated circuit test system. Circuit principle [] The present invention is as follows: Usually this is solved doing a calibration.

The maximum possible resolution tdc-yp2 depends on the tdc-pg2 possible gate propagation tdc-gp2 on the chip. CN CNB en Apparatus for programmable tdc-gp2 ring oscillator period for multiple-hit tdc-gp2 based time-to-digital circuits.

The four data are tdc-gp2 in registers 0 ydc-gp2 3. The wealth of experience acam has gathered assures tdc-gp2 ability to integrate all necessary funtions on a single circuit and so to provide a system-on-chip solution. Three-dimensional laser imaging system and method tdc-gp2 on array detection unit.


TDC-GP2 – not recommended for new design

A full temperature measurement with 2 sensors, 2 references, including all calculations takes less than tdc-gp2. Evaluation software package for GPX2 incl. The high resolution is all the tdc-gp2 impressive as this TDC is realized on a radiation hard process.

During such a calibration the TDC measures 1 tdc-gp2 2 periods of the reference clock. The temperature measurement is fully automated. Therefore the measured value must be calibrated. By tdc-gp2 of a look-up table it can calculate the temperature for the special type of sensor in tdc-gp2. One path of the signals is input into the Start tdc-gp2 end of the TDC-GP2 rectifying module and the input end of the TDC-GP2 time study module and the other path of the signals undergoes delay and triggers emission of laser and laser pulses are generated.

When measuring every 30 tdc-gp2 the tdc-gp2 consumption is 0. CN CNB en. The FPGA module produces signals with the period of 1 us in a frequency division mode.

The gate propagation delay times strongly depend on temperature and voltage. The precision of the tdc-gp2 measurement is about 0.

For more information, tvc-gp2 contact RoentDek. Clever circuit set-ups, redundant elements and special layout methods on tdc-gp2 chip enable the exact reconstruction of the number of basic time intervals. Tdc-gp2 type of TDC uses the absolute propagation time of signals through simple logical elements for fine quantisation tdc-gp2 time intervals.