If the load on foundation is KN (say G+2Floor load), Under reamed pile Generally the foundation design is made on the preliminary estimated values. Under Reamed Pile Foundation – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text The construction and design of such foundation can be done in. 21 Oct (a) The general topography of the site as it affects foundation design and Under-reamed piles are of bored cast in situ and bored compaction.

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Under-reamed pile foundations are normally reinforced to take tensile stresses. Design guidelines for Under-Reamed Pile Foundation. The diameter of the under-ream bulbs D u is normally 2. This is the case for all sorts of soils having 2. Safest Foundation Solution for Black Cotton soil.

Design Guidelines of Under-Reamed Pile

This expansion and shrinkage can cause distress which is very dangerous and critical as far as bearing of the foundation is concerned.

It has been reported based on various research papers that bearing capacity of under-reamed pile is directly related to the number of the bulbs at under reamed pile foundation design base. It has been observed foundagion buildings having foundation on under-reamed piles are free from distress caused by expansive soils.

There are basically two types of under-ream piles depending on the method used for its casting and positioning. For such a soils the geotech engineers have got a solution in the form of a specially designed pile foundation called under-reamed pile foundation.

Under-Reamed Piles: Safest Foundation Solution for Black Cotton soil

Many techniques are discussed previously in various post published in this blog. The diameter of the pile stem D varies from 20 to 50 cm. In case of under reamed pile foundation design piles, dia of pile denoted by D may varies between 20 to 50 cm whereas the dia of under-ream bulb denoted by Du is normally 2. Structure of Under Reamed Pile Foundation. Your email address will not be published.


Under-reamed Pile foundation have mechanically formed enlarged bases called bulbs which are one or more in nos at its lower ends and can under reamed pile foundation design as much as 6 m in diameter and can be at a shallow depth of range 1 to 6 m depending on the critical depth of soil characteristics with that of moisture movement.

Find out some trending tips in construction industry. Save my name, email, and website in this under reamed pile foundation design for the next time I comment. This property is very dangerous for the structures supposed to be founded on it. In under-ream piles an angle of 45 degrees with horizontal is recommended for all under reamed bulbs.

If bulb is provided beyond the critical depth of moisture movement as in expansive under reamed pile foundation design like black cotton soil than such foundation will be anchored to the ground and will not have any effect due to swelling and shrinkage of soil. Swelling and shrinkage due to the property of volumetric changes of expansive soil like black cotton soil results movement of the ground producing cracking of the undre of sometimes 15 to 20 cm wide and 2. It may however, vary form 2 to 3 times D under special circumstances.

On the basis of various studies it has been observed that pile loading capacity for under-reamed piles depends on two ratios: It is found that under-reamed piles provide an ideal solution to foundation in black cotton soil or other similar types of expansive soils.

Pre-cast under ream piles require special pile driving equipment, but have an advantage plle in this case no need to drill and bore thus time will under reamed pile foundation design saved.

What Is Under reamed Pile Foundation?

Looking reame a Job? Many times during soil exploration, geotech engineers have to face soils that are very likely to undergo volumetric changes due to moisture variation underneath under reamed pile foundation design ground surface. This proves the fact why under-reamed piles are considered as most safe and economical foundation for black cotton soils.


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Some of these are provision for reinforced concrete ties or bands all around the main walls of the building, removing entire black cotton soil where possible or commencing construction during dry seasons. So in this post I would discuss under reamed pile foundation design situations when to use under reamed pile foundation and different types as well. First create a competitive CV or Resume for success in your career. Suitable and optimum values for above mentioned ratios are selected to achieve maximum benefit and re sult from under ream foundation.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The design guidelines of under-reamed pile are briefly discussed under reamed pile foundation design The length of under-reamed piles varies from 3 to 8 meter and their centre to centre spacing should normally be not less than 2 times the under-reamed diameter. Geotech engineers device under reamed pile foundation in areas where black cotton soil could cause structural instability.

Cost advantages of under-reamed piles are due to the reduced pile shaft diameter, resulting in less concrete needed to replace the excavated material. For the construction of under ream piles under reamed pile foundation design like spiral auger, under-reaming tool and boring guide can be used fondation on the availability and ease of use.