Wallyball will be self-officiated. Any conflicts will be Any rule not mentioned in the following will be governed by the National Federation of State High School. BASIC WALLYBALL RULES. 1. Service area is three feet from each end of the court. 2. The match is won when one team wins the best of three games. A game . Responsibilities of Managers and/or Captains of Teams. Read-know the rules. Have a team meeting. Control teammates and your spectators. Represent your.

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Wallyball is played with between two and four players per side, according to the American Wallyball Association, although it can be played by more. If a ball is touched on a block, the team still has 3 hits and rjles blocker can make the any of these hits. No climbing or using the walls or players assisting each other to gain height at the net. Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

Second game rule to other team. The object of Wallyball is for one team to beat their opposing team by scoring more points than them. A regular volleyball can be used as they fit these stipulations perfectly. Default Score is On a block, if two players touch the ball, the teams still has 3 hits. Every gift makes a difference. A ball crossing wallyball the net across the vertical plane can be played back by rjles side it is not over 3 three hits. The above basic rules are only to simplify the understanding of the game and should not in anyway replace the interpetation of the offical rule book.


Wallyball Rules

If two opposing players touch the net simultaneously the point is replayed. A match of Wallyball is rupes when one team reaches the required number of points to win the game, which can be 15, 18 or 21 points depending upon the game.

Games are 30 minutes in length. Brock University logo Apply Brock.

The opponent cannot block the set. The freeze point is three points less than the number of points needed to win the game and when this occurs, a point is awarded on the next side-out and to score further points, wallynall team must serve.

Wallyball rules – Recreation

Spin is allowed, but only if done so by hitting the ball off centre. The ball used in Wallyball should be between 25 and 27 inches and weigh between 9 and 10 ounces.

Welcome to Brock University. Although this method of scoring is very familiar to anyone with experience of volleyball, it can wallyblal some getting used to for outsiders. Faced with falling numbers using the club in summer, he devised the game as a way to help bring more business in. The service must be a clean contact with the ball.

Rude conduct constitutes a warning, two penalties means expulsions. The sport of Wallyball is often thought to have been created by Joe Garcia, but it was actually devised by a gentleman known as Bill Dejonghe from the Calabasas Racquetball Club. Wallyball Rules Photo credit: Blocking or attacking a serve is illegal. Third game if necessary will need another coin toss.


Essentially, whereas in volleyball you score on every point, in Wallyball you only score when serving. Teams must also win rulees two wallyballl, which means that some games can go beyond wallybalk point limits.

Rock, Paper, Scissors will determine first service or choice of court side. Also known as ‘rebound volleyball’, it is a close relative of volleyball, and shares many rules, techniques, plays ryles features. How to apply Undergraduate students Graduate students Teacher education International students.

Ruls the ball is only partly across the net, and the opponent hits it, it is good. If it is on the 3rd hit that it spins back, loss of pint or side out occurs.

Wallyball Rules: How To Play Wallyball | Rules of Sport

However, techniques to place any type of curve on the ball are largely outlawed, such as spiking or the paintbrush technique. However there are some fundamental differences, the main one being that players are allowed to utilise the walls and ricochet the ball off there.

The game now has its own designated rules and regulations, is played in nations across the world and is overseen by the American Wallyball Association. Contacting two or more walls is allowed only by the team in possession of the ball on their own side, provided a player on that team touches the ball first. A ball cannot be contacted below the waist.