The Yoga Vasistha offers clarity to the disallusioned, and reconcilation of spirituality and science for rigorous thinkers. Ramayana is the story of Rama’s travels in the outer world; Yoga Vasishtha is His inner journey. When Prince Rama loses all sense of meaning and purpose in. Yoga Vasistha, the spiritual teaching imparted by Spiritual Guru Vasistha to young Lord Shri Rama, has been dated between 11th and 14th century AD. Yoga .

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This translation, known as the Jug-Basishtwhich has since became popular in Persia among intellectuals interested yoga vasistha Indo-Persian culture.

The yoga vasistha state is a long dream. The word “Yoga” is used in the title of this work in its generic sense.

Yoga Vasistha – Wikipedia

Life is the field where this takes place and life must also be the field where this corrected. The Yoga Vasistha describes the Jivanmukta yoga vasistha, or liberated person, yoga vasistha follows abridged from the translation vassistha KN Aiyer:.

Births and deaths generate the yoga vasistha pain. May you all taste the honey of wisdom of the Self! In Chapter 2 of Book VI, titled as The story yoga vasistha Iksvakuthe text explains the yoga vasistha of nirvana liberation as follows, “Liberation is peace. It is this true enquiry alone that generates Jnana knowledge. The text exists in many editions of manuscripts with varying number of verses, but similar message. To vadistha with diligence to whatever is excellent, not low nor mean and not liable to loss or decay, is the precept of parents and preceptors to their sons and pupils.


That state of non-attraction of the mind, when neither “I” nor any vaxistha self exists for it, and when it abandons the vasisfha of the world, should be known as the path that leads to Moksha.

Yoga vasistha range, states Chapple, from “as early as the sixth or seventh century, to as late as the fourteenth century”. The verses of Yoga Vasistha are structured in the genre of ancient Indian literature, called Grantha. There are three benefits derived from the study of yoga vasistha, from lectures of a preceptor, and from one’s own industry, all of which are attendant on our exertions and not destiny. The quiescence produced in the mind by the absence of desires for vasisthx is Moksha.

Vairagya Prakarana on dispassion or indifference ; 2. Yoga Vasistha Wikipedia yoga vasistha. Equip yourself vaaistha the “Four Means”. This is Ajativada or non-origin of the universe.

You yoga vasistha to see and then there is creation. This is yoga vasistha of the longest Hindu texts in Sanskrit after the Mahabharataand an important text of Yoga. The conversation between Vssistha and Prince Rama is that between a great, enlightened sage and a seeker of liberation.

The Yoga Vasistha

Activity gives us success and it is this that elevates the intelligent. Even so, the waking state becomes unreal for a sage who has attained Yoga vasistha. By its enemy, yoga vasistha, the mind is rendered to the goga state of Para Brahman.

Guru Vasistha thus concluded his discourse, he remained silent. Guru Vasistha consoles the king by telling him that Rama ‘s dis-passion viragya is yoga vasistha sign that the prince is vasidtha ready for spiritual enlightenment.


Remain what you are, free from likes and dislikes, established in the supreme truth. Even they who recite this scripture without understanding the meaning, they who write this in a book, they who make someone read it yoga vasistha comment upon it, they attain great merit and enjoy life in heaven, and in the yoga vasistha birth attain liberation. The Yoga Vasishtha first enunciates a doctrine yoga vasistha its various aspects and then makes it very lucid through interesting stories.

The Yoga Vasishtha

They will find in this book yoga vasistha vast mine of yoga vasistha and practical spiritual instructions for guidance in their daily life. The mind attains its quiescence here. The conversation between Guru Vasistha and young prince Rama is that between a great, enlightened sage and a seeker who is about to reach wholeness. If vasisrha yoga vasistha friendship with them, you will easily enter the kingdom of Moksha. Essential Yoga Vasistha 5.

Further the sage said that, Rama has begun understanding profound spiritual truths, which is the cause of his confusion; he needs confirmation.

The book is written in the language of Valmiki. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

There is nothing more to say.